• Easy to love, but hard to raise !!!

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    Many parents think their kids are challenging to raise and feel helpless when they try to discipline their children. Everyday is a struggle, anything asked to do becomes a fight with the little ones !!! Right from making them finish their meal everyday, sending them to school, homework times can be even more worse with the fights and yelling echoes all over the walls of house and not to mention sending back to bed for a nap become the biggest task ever no matter how much you nag, bribe or scold them.

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  • The Joy of Pain!!!

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    It all starts with your relatives asking when you’re getting married and it ends with when you’re having a baby! We often hear that “Mom to-be” is a universal pride and joy. The little cute baby bumps, blissful baby showers, getting pampered by your partner, family and friends, people advising and warning regarding health, no longer rushing for your regular work schedules and most importantly escaping from regular chores are the positive sides of the maternity. But while considering the other side, between the crippling nausea from the 1st trimester to the chronic pain, women go through an extremely new and different phase where she experiences incredible physical and emotional change.

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  • Mommy-The Super Women

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    Nowadays life has become more about socializing, struggling to buy the stuff we want, dreaming about the things that doesn’t even exist and then turn them into reality with sheer. In the present generation, it not like every man for the family but women also think about their family and work hard to provide a better future for their kids. Women nowadays work so devotedly trying to fulfill all the responsibilities at work, home and most importantly as a “Mother”.The unconditional love and care a mother gives to her kids and family is remarkable and is hard to put in words. She balances the family both mentally and emotionally, she is the only one at home who ensures that life functions in an orderly and proper way.

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  • The First day of School !!!!

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    It's that time of year again! You wake up in a sweat, shaken from the dream where your clock doesn't go off and you are late. You know what I'm referring to "The First Day of School !" No parents have ever told that their kids NEVER cried on the first day of school. Accept it! We are all grown up’s and have cried on the first day of school. For sitting with an unknown bench mate, for losing your hand kerchief and have cried for more and more silly reasons too.First day to school is always special for parents. Excitement of knowing ”how your kid had been at school, will he/she be happy? Is there anyone to watch from the back?” always lingers. It’s a known fact that no one can take care of you like your Mom but yes a good teacher does ! Teachers nurture the children, talk- listen and give them opportunities to share ideas and feelings.

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  • Pampering your Children With Nicabo!!!

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    Changing diapers, struggling to feed food, babies sobbing and crying, cooking sounds, homemaking tasks, stressful time management, sleepless nights, dirty clothes are all the other side of upbringing kids. Most moms would agree that the biggest change in their life when raising a child would be the emotional and the psychological changes and they accept and enjoy this new phase of life more calmly and patiently. Because the result of this is priceless! Just a look at your baby’s smile, the tiny hugs, cuddles with them, gentle kisses, first crawl, watching them laugh, stand, walk, run, holding your hand these are worth it and nothing else matters more for a Parent.

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  • Toys - The Companion of a kid !!!

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    Parents usually work more harder towards building the skills in their child through the activities chosen for them in day to day life. The questions asked to them and their replies, games encouraged to play with others, creative activities, small- small responsibilities given to them, the motivations etc plays a crucial role in the upbringing of a child and building up their skill sets. Babies develop a wide range of skills within the first year of their life period.

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  • Happy Parenting with Nicabo!!!!

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    Parenting - this one word is loaded with so much meaning, such intense feelings and love beyond what anyone can imagine. It is unconditional and unlimited in the presence of their children. Being a parent is inspiring and rewarding and the fact is kids are the pride and joy to the family. Love centering upon children never changes, this unchanging love is not the result of the horizontal bond, but it’s the vertical bonding of the mother

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